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Jamie has been designing interiors for clients for many years. She has an innate passion for color, texture and pattern. Jamie found herself frustrated when searching for the perfect pillow to unify a room so she began making her own. Jamie says, “designing interiors is the heart of her business, but pillows are truly the soul”.

When Jamie traveled to Morocco in 2011 her passion for textiles was ignited. She found herself surrounded by colorful, indigenous, handwoven textiles. She was captivated as she shopped tirelessly from souk to souk. Jamie knew she had to bring back and share these beautiful handwoven textiles for those who may never get the chance to see them in person. Once Jamie was back home in Austin, Texas her passion was unleashed and Steel Feathers emerged.

Steel Feathers is an exclusive label created by Jamie which includes one-of-a-kind pillows made of handwoven and vintage textiles as well as some designer fabrics, available only to the trade. Jamie also created a signature collection called the Hookah Collection. This collection is inspired by a Moroccan tile seen while on her travels.

*All items are exclusive designs by Jamie Gauthreaux under the Steel Feather Interiors label.

© Jamie Gauthreaux 2015

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