about jamie

Jamie Gauthreaux, founder and owner of Steel Feather Interiors has always had an innate passion for design. She is inspired by colors, textures and patterns found in nature, art and architecture. Jamie uses this inspiration and the juxtaposition of new and old materials in her interiors and one-of-a-kind pillows.

As a native Texan and University of Texas alumna, Jamie’s art studies and extensive travel have exposed her to the energy and visual stimulation of various countries. By exploring materials of specific regions, Jamie integrates this unique vitality through her unique designs. Her discussions with regional artisans and appreciation for their handcrafted materials bring authenticity and distinctive style to her work.

Over the past ten years, Jamie has worked intimately with her clients, ensuring their homes are direct reflections of their specific preferences, character and lifestyles. Jamie carefully uses the latest trends with the charming elements of the past weaving them carefully into a beautiful tapestry called “home”.

Jamie recently launched The Morocco Collection 2013 under her exclusive label Steel Feather Interiors. The collection is a compilation of pillows, ottomans and accessories which evolved out of her travels to North Africa in 2012. Jamie felt compelled to share and express her passion for this culture's bright colors, intricate patterns and handwoven textiles. The Morocco Collection 2013 uses these colorful handwoven textiles as inspiration in each individual sub-collection: The Hookah Collection, The Kasbah Collection, The Signature Collection, The Marrakech Collection, The Suzani Collection and The Tangier Collection.

Jamie will continue to explore artistic inspiration in other countries: "My goal is to unify cultures, ONE PILLOW AT A TIME." To show her commitment, Steel Feather Interiors will donate a portion of sales from The Signature Collection to organizations promoting women artisans' economic independence from the collection's region.

© Jamie Gauthreaux 2015

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